Our hearty contenders try to vanquish massive bowls of pho: four liters of broth, four pounds of noodles, four pounds of meat.

Can they do it? Watch our video. Last year, Seattle was in the Super Bowl. Next year, if all is right with the world, Seattle will be in the Super Bowl again. Four liters of broth. Four pounds of noodles. Four pounds of meat. A bowl as big as a kitchen sink.

An hour-and-a-half time limit. We took it for the 12s. We took it for our love of pho, for our love of the game.

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We took it because it was there. Two people had tried before us. Neither had succeeded. My research revealed that while estimates of the capacity of the human stomach in a state of distension vary, completing the Pho Super Bowl Challenge is not physiologically possible. I did not tell my fellow challengers this.

Pho Big Bowl, Watauga

The pho shop on 12th near Jackson is more than a gimmicky contest, and, indeed, more than a pho shop: Owners Nick Bui and Khanhvan K. Tran make all their noodles on-site in an arduous four-day process, and those noodles are arguably the best around.

We gathered at high noon. Both hunger and nerves mounted as we waited. Confidence took a hit at the official weighing of the noodles and meat, held at the counter, as we bore witness to what would go into our bowls, broth aside. Sitting and waiting for the insane quantity of pho to be made, every ding of the order-up bell sounded deeper and more ominous, as other customers happily received their normal-sized bowls during the lunch rush.

Tinder stretched his arms and neck, repeatedly looking over his shoulder with trepidation. At last, and yet still too soon, four enormous bowls were borne out in succession, owner Bui visibly struggling with their hot sides and sloshing heft.

The immense basins of soup steamed. The other diners marveled and took pictures. The minute countdown began. James subjected his soup to an onslaught of Sriracha and plum sauce. Taking the opposite tack, I dived into the middle of my bowl, prospecting for noodles.

All challengers developed a sheen of sweat. Owner Tran came to the table and reassured us that she was also a nurse, should we need medical help. We all laughed.

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Tinder and Roberts seemed tied, having reduced their soup-volume by maybe a couple inches. My pho appeared untouched and refused to stop steaming. We ate more, slowing down. Before our time was even up, we reached the limits of human endurance.

A bond had formed, never to be severed. The pho had prevailed, but we had learned things from confronting it that could not be learned any other way.Avoid this food outlet and other food outlets in the airport as the prices are all inflated and in US dollars.

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It's fine for airport food, you know that it will be bland and expensive, actually the Pho wasn't too bad. The restaurants I didn't expect airport Pho to be a good one, nothing close to Pho10 but this one was good enough.

The only downside is the price!!! This was the most expensive pho and smallest portion on the entire trip and you've to use dollar to The most expensive coffee and food in Vietnam. Unless you are without option give this place a wide berth.

Big Bowl Pho, Hanoi

If you think about the quality of airport food around the world, this place is no better or worse. It's quiet and comfortable while waiting for the flight.

big bowl pho

Not then again, I never go to an airport expecting to be wowed over. All the great value of 3 Vietnam cities wiped out in one go. Sad that our last memory of Vietnam will be of this. Literally the last meal Over priced, poor quality presented with a smile. To be avoided I ordered the triple meat Pho plus the coconut drink.

The Pho consisted of 3 different meats: meatball, beef, and chicken. They were not fresh at all.

big bowl pho

Broth had no flavor, its like meat bowl on hot water. The noodles are overIs this your restaurant? Click to add your description here. Add Photo. Consolidated reviews are included in the calculation of the average rating of 4. Ok i am very disappointed in Chuys. I have been eating at this place for a good while also my family, well i ordered some food to go and i paid Where Hancock Fabric use to be.

Always polite and clean. Not too heavy on the lemongrass. Spring rolls are something not to miss. Lots of variety on t This was a family favorite for my sister's me and friends for years.

The food was always fresh clean and savory. We never had a bad experience. First, try refreshing the page and clicking Current Location again. Make sure you click Allow or Grant Permissions if your browser asks for your location. Details Menu Reviews. Pho Big Bowl. See 17 Reviews. Select a Rating! View Menu. Phone: Cuisine: Vietnamese Neighborhood: Watauga.

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See Larger Map - Get Directions. Please contact the restaurant directly for updated info. Share Your Experience!Skip to main content Pho Bowls. In Stock. Large enough for pho or a big These bowls are a great size! Large enough for pho or a big salad but not so big that you feel like youre eating out of a serving bowl. Add to cart. Currently unavailable. These bowls are the real deal. They're sturdy, large, and perfect for a big bowl of pho.

It holds such a large volume that virtually anything is possible with them. Dishwasher and microwave safe too. Will definitely buy another few. See All Buying Options. My favorite meals are bowls of rice, beans, veggies, etc. I could not recommend them more highly if you, too, are a rice bowl addict.

These are great bowls. I have porcelain ones but I needed something for my deployment to Afghanistan. These bowls will handle any ramen or pho you throw at them.

They are larger than I expected but that is a good thing. I will look for more of Umami's products in the future to stock my kitchen with. The addition of simple recipes is awesome.

I can't wait to try some of them. I use these bowls for display purposes, rather than for food, and have about of them. They are constantly improving their packaging, so I have not had a single broken one in about 9 months. However, recently, they have started placing big 'porcelain' stickers inside the bowls. They do not come off easily. They require much fingernail scraping and rubbing alcohol - and all for no good purpose. We, the buyers, already know that it is porcelain.

So, why are you making extra work for us?!? After writing this review a couple of months ago, Dowan wrote me and said they had stopped putting the big 'porcelain' stickers in the bowls.

But, more bowls later, they are still mostly coming in with big 'porcelain' stickers inside each bowl. They take at least 5 minutes a bowl to remove them and it's getting harder and harder to do so.

The bowls have a good weight and I I bought these bowls so we could have dinner bowls and they are beautiful.

Phở Big Bowl

The bowls have a good weight and I love that each has a different pattern. If you're thinking of using these for pho, these are perfect. Wife makes pho all the time, and loves them. Not too large, but more than large enough for big bowls of soup, spaghetti, etc. Look great, too, and very sturdy feeling.I had the potstickers and they were great, perfectly cookedthen a giant beef sukiyaki, first time I had sukiyaki it was delicious,staff was very good atmosphere a little different with jazz music playing but very relaxing.

I have never had pho before and did not know what to think. I had a bowl of meatball pho which was wonderful. The mixture of noodles, broth, vegetables and meatballs created an array of taste which I enhanced through the addition of hoisin sauce Was staying at Hyatt near airport on a freezing day in KC.

I was craving some Pho to warm me up. After seeing several reviews for this place and it being close to where I was staying I decided to give it a try. I have consumed more than bowls of phoI would think, and this right here is just about your average pho for typical Americans. Set in a low-rent strip mall next to a Kmart in coownership with the Thai food restaurant next-door, this place is The secret to good pho is the broth.

The broth here was watery and had a slightly sweet aftertaste, which was not appealing at all.

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Worst attempt at pho that I have ever eaten. Will not return here. First I will admit that I'm a bit of a noodle-snob.

I had very high hopes for this place since I love it's sister-store-next-door Tasty Thai, but I was disappointed. The broth was rather flavorless and the veggies didn't seem very fresh. I am open I love Pho and like it so much my wife has learned how to make it for me at home.

This was my first time at My husband was craving pho and luckily this restaurant was a few exits away from us. My MIL had the seafood which was chock full of shrimp, squid and mussels. It was her first time having pho and she enjoyed it. We shared a bowl The name tells the story Pho Soup in several varieties and other Vietnamese and Chinese menu items.

Take out one Pho soup and serve two at home - cheap eats. I'd enjoyed Tasty Thai in the past, and had high hopes for its new sister, but at present, it still needs some work.Beef and Tripe Pho soup could've used more punch.

Wontons were great. Plenty, Tasty and crunchy.

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Ordered 2 portions! Consistently good pho - broth, noodles and meat - and at a decent price. I've only have one "not great" pho with overly fatty meat, but that A short time ago new owners took over Big Bowl and I was somewhat afraid that things would change.

Big Bowl Pho, Hanoi

Well my fears have be removed. Great food everytime! The food is good, standard vietnamese fare. The cost is reasonable. The service is friendly. Try the sate noodles, spicy but not too much so, yum. This is always a great meal!!! Love this place The pork app and the springs rolls are a must try as well The place is cleaner with new ownership. The 28 is hands down one of my favorite meals in the world. I come here at least once a week for lunch and just love the If you like spicy you will love it.

Finally got in here to eat! Cold shrimp rolls so good! Chicken and shrimp vermicelli Was perfect! Great Staff! Floors were spotless and bathrooms Were very clean. My new Happy place When I am in the area! Visiting the area, we discovered this great restaurant. Nice staff, quick service, great food at a really good price!! If you're in the area, I would make a stop there! I love this place, the pho is delicious, so many type to pick from. So fresh. Service is great, very efficient. They are always busy and have been that way for years and years, the true test of a place for great food.

Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Pho Big Bowl, Mississauga.

big bowl pho

See all restaurants in Mississauga. Pho Big Bowl Unclaimed.Is this your restaurant? Click to add your description here. Add Photo. Consolidated reviews are included in the calculation of the average rating of 3.

Service really bad Love their sushi. Always fresh and excellent quality. The staff is super nice and accommodating.

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It's my go-to place for my sushi fix Wow this place is amazing and service so great! I keep going back. An authentic butcher shop First, try refreshing the page and clicking Current Location again.

Make sure you click Allow or Grant Permissions if your browser asks for your location. Details Menu Reviews. Pho Big Bowl. See 6 Reviews. Select a Rating! View Menu. Phone: Cuisine: Vietnamese Neighborhood: Mississauga Website: www. See Larger Map - Get Directions. Please contact the restaurant directly for updated info. Attire Casual Alcohol Reservations. Share Your Experience! Top Reviews of Pho Big Bowl. Best Restaurants Nearby. Best Menus of Mississauga.

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