I purchased this nice little package for my wife so she had something straight to the point with no gadgets. Like all my other Taurus pistols and revolvers she is well made and shoots niceabsolutely excellent grips, just a nice little package. I have several Taurus firearms and like the rest it is a good quality firearm.

It shoots well it has a decent finish on it and the craftsmanship is acceptable. IMO the best feature on this perticular weapon is the trigger although the hammer is a bit unusual.

I own weapons that cost way more but do not necessarily shoot way better and thats OK because its not just about the shooting for meits also astheticsergonomicsand just the overall craftsmanship that contribute to the weapons appeal. So in the end this is a fine weapon for the moneyit would be hard to do much better.

Mechanically, she functions perfect. Use all brass fmj rounds or fmjhp.

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Stay away from cheap lead and wad cutters. It will all fire just fine, but the cheap stuff can stick a little. This is one of the guns I used to qualify for my c.

The other was my A1 compact. I tend to carry the Rossi more as its such a light easy to carry weapon plus it points very well and shoots great. Nothing to think about but point and sqeeze when you need it. Going to get another one for my daughter.

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Firearms Lifetime Guarantee: Impact Guns offers a lifetime guarantee of firearms. We guarantee to replace or repair any defective firearm for the life of the original purchaser. For details, see our Lifetime Warranty Policy. Model LCRX. The Colt Double Action Revolver returns with a robust brushed stainless-steel frame and a linear leaf mainspring design that ensures a consistently smooth trigger pull.

Enhanced grip and trigger These handguns are built to the same quality and reliability standards that have been part of the Rossi name for over years. Rossi offers medium and small frame revolvers in various barrel Rugged, small frame revolvers. With crisp double action pull and combat styling. Fixed front sight. Thumb latch swing out cylinder. Rubber grips. With Taurus Security System.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Rossi R85104 .38 Special

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Rossi Posts Information on Revolver Lawsuit Settlement

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rossi 38 special review

Remove This Item.I love them. Wheel guns are the proverbial thing that causes my boat to become buoyant. There I see the people that actually buy the guns and whether or not they are reporting any problems. Overall the Rossi sort of falls into the range-queen spot in my gun safe. But in all seriousness the only reason I do not carry this gun on the regular is in a self-defense situation the Rossi would require two hands in order to swing open the gate, making it a bit of a slowcoach and of course in a self-defense situation seconds count.

For me, the recoil on this gun is negligible even when shooting. When shooting. Perhaps owing to the guns steel frame and comfortable-for-me grips I have found this gun easy and fun to shoot. The Colt Woodsman is credited as the first successful rimfire.

Taurus .38 Special Revolvers Review: The Special Stuff

The Woodsman enjoys a rich history as Traditions, long known for budget-friendly muzzleloaders and centerfire imports, is the first to carve out a new space with the My Account See Cart. The Guns. The Rossi. Latest Headlines. Latest Reviews. Half Rifle, Half Hwacha: Traditions XBR Crackshot Traditions, long known for budget-friendly muzzleloaders and centerfire imports, is the first to carve out a new space with theWe were recently informed by a friend of Gun Tests in the ammo-making business that.

Though both guns were made in Brazil by Taurus, there were significant differences and, as we found, similar problems. Of course both of these revolvers could be fired with.

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One reason is the cost of ammunition, and another is recoil and muzzle blast. Both are generally drastically increased, and sometimes to no good effect, with. Lets take a look at what we found. Taurus B2. The Taurus Model is also available www. While stainless might be important to you, we suspect the average home-protection-gun buyer will more than likely go for the cheaper gun and put the difference into ammo. Our blued test gun was a very nicely finished and attractive little handgun, we thought.

The polishing and bluing were very well done. The lockup was extremely tight, and the ejector rod worked smoothly. Everything about the Taurus looked and worked very well, we thought.

The fixed sights were easily visible, gave a fine sight picture down the matted top surface of the frame, and as we. The textured rubber grips felt good, too. They did a better job of filling in behind the trigger guard, which helped keep it off our fingers with heavy-recoiling loads.

They were narrower than those on the Rossi, yet felt better in our hands. They did a great job of taming even the toughest loads we tried.

Lockup was exceptional. With the gun in the just-fired configuration, trigger fully back and hammer down, there was zero motion to the cylinder, and the gun stayed that way throughout all our test shooting. The gun held five shots, and those narrow grips made it easy to get the five rounds in or out. The barrel appeared to have been inserted into the barrel shroud, and showed white at the front.

The hammer and trigger were case hardened, the real thing. Both Taurus and Rossi featured the Taurus hammer-locking security system, but the Taurus had transfer-bar ignition. Its single-action trigger was outstanding, breaking at 3. The double-action pull was really exceptionally smooth, and broke at just under 11 pounds. The hammer didnt go back nearly as far on DA as on SA, but during our testing we had zero problems with ignition.

We found the smooth DA pull to be very workable on the range. We tested both guns with Independence brand. Recoil with the grain.Discussion in ' Handguns ' started by WolfwoodJun 10, Opinions on Rossi. Jun 10, 1. I think this was a pretty good day at work, aroundan hour and a half into my shift i bought a pistol.

Jun 11, 2. The wife has one and it shoots OK. Check the screws, the tend to back out. In fact, we lost the cylinder stop screw one day at the range.

Taurus sent a replacement free of charge in a couple of weeks.

rossi 38 special review

Now, it's has LockTite on it and haven't had any troubles since. Jun 11, 3. Check this out YouTube - Rossi R Review Should give u an idea about 'em, had mine for awhile, and it's been a champ. Jun 11, 4.

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Jun 11, 5. Jun 11, 6. I've got a Rossi 4" in my lap right now. Previous owner had an action job done to it and it's damn smooth. A little different than what you have, this one's 4". It's a very accurate shooter, first time I took it out I was killing shotshell hulls out to 15 yards or so.

I picked it up because I really don't need another combat handgun my P SAO is just too perfect for that role and have wanted a wheelgun to play with. It's now my planned backpack gun. Stuff the first chamber or two with snake shot and fill the rest with heavier FMJ or hard cast and it'll handle about anything short of a bear Overall, I'm very happy with my Rossi. Sights are very good, the smoothed trigger is awesome and the quality seems to be pretty good.

Rossi R35202 Revolver – A Dependable 38 Snubby ~ Video

Only complaint is that the extractor rod kept unscrewing itself on me. Gave it a decent twist with my Leatherman and it's been good to go since then. Jun 12, 7. I took it to the range and love the way it shoots.It only took a few years for them to get into the arms industry after originally manufacturing metals, plastics, and civil construction equipment. Looking back, you could never imagine that Taurus would be where it is today.

Taurus unveiled their first firearm in the Model SO Revolver. They began exporting to the United States after experiencing too many years of stagnancy. Eventually, they began producing more weapons and becoming more recognizable. Nevertheless, they have blossomed into an international success story with a line of pistols, revolvers, and rifles uniquely their own. Shooters all over the world love Taurus for their affordable prices which is only made possible thanks to their lower labor costs.

Experienced shooters may remember the days of faulty Taurus weapons, but I can assure you that those days are long gone. Today, Taurus is among the best in the business with a wide-variety of weapons. What I mean to say is, Smith and Wesson is one of the most influential producers of different ammunition, and that clearly affected the Brazilian company.

In an article on Americanrifleman. Although it may take an expert shooter to realize the difference in the quality of cartridges, I believe that their prevalence among law enforcement around the world, speaks for itself. Of course, in terms of cartridges, Smith and Wesson is most primarily known for the. We recently did something similar when we covered their sweet award-winning line of.

Model: Taurus 82B4 Caliber:. Overall Length: 6. Model: Taurus Ultralite Model Caliber:. Most of these handguns were designed with security, law enforcement, and personal defense in mind. To create this versatile line of guns, Taurus had to balance high power, good handling, easy concealment, and reliable performance, and they succeeded brilliantly.

All of these revolvers share the brilliant Taurus Security System. They also share the manual transfer bar safety; this mechanism effectively stops the hammer from striking the firing pin unless the trigger is fully pulled. Several of these weapons are equipped with the trademark Taurus Ribber Grip which not only provides a sturdy, non-slip grip in nearly all conditions but is also an effective shock absorber. However, even the revolvers without them, are outfitted with pretty spectacular and ergonomic rubber grips.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Some people like the old way of doing things, and for just such a person. But which to get? There are so many on the market. Here are 7.

rossi 38 special review

If you want to get started with wheelguns, these are the best points of entry. The Smith and Wesson Model is the best of all worlds in a concealed carry. It's optimized for concealed carry, with a light alloy frame and hammer shroud to ensure a snag-free draw from concealment. Soft rubber grips and the virtue of having the hammer shrouded - rather than removed like other J-frames - means single-action shooting is possible.

The has been a perennial favorite for concealed carry and plainclothes police for decades. The modern iteration - on the Airweight frame - is designed for easy EDC and will deliver that in spades. The light weight - less than 16 ounces - means it'll snap when you shoot, but since it carries. Charter Arms was started in the s to provide quality carry pistols that had simpler, stronger designs than that of competitors. Since its founding inthe bread and butter model has been the Charter Arms Undercover, a five-shot.

It's a CCW revolver through and through. Charter Arms have long been accused of lacking refinements, but have always been known to deliver performance for value. Traditional and hammerless models are available, as are a number of finishes.

Regardless of the model you get, it's a light, compact, concealable revolver you can count on that won't break the bank. The Smith and Wesson Model 10 has been in production since without interruption, first introduced as the Hand Ejector model in the then-new. It is the ur.

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Today it's still one of the best you can get. However, it is not unconcealable at all as a decent 4-in K-frame IWB holster is not hard to come by. You get six shots of. Over time the trigger smoothes to glass, and with a bit of care, you'll be able to pass it down to your grandchildren.

This pistol is rugged simplicity defined, and police departments issued this gun into the s for good reason. It is reliable, accurate and easy to shoot. Not as powerful as the.